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Calle San Hermenegildo, 1 Sevilla, España, Sevilla, SPAIN 41701

Reflecar is a SMALL FAMILY COMPANY from Seville (SPAIN) that was born to solve a problem (like any technological development) in this case that of the interior temperature that is generated in vehicles exposed to the sun.

As a result of this problem, and after numerous attempts, they developed a solution with reflective insulating blankets that are placed on the outside, achieving extraordinary insulation results. They decided to create the company and market these products so that they were available to everyone and apply it equally to parasols and tents.

In parallel - as a result of the process of camperizing your car to be able to sleep in it - they improved, developed and commercialized a bed that can always be carried in the trunk of any passenger car to sleep comfortably anywhere.

Its goal is that all fans of this booming lifestyle can enjoy the COMFORT they deserve without having to suffer the heat of a vehicle in the sun and provide greater FREEDOM with their boot bed.

Services: Trunk bed, Camper mattresses, Blackout Blankets; Parasols.

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Teléfono: +34 673 062 425
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